International school

An international school will take place at the Centennial Hall of Kyushu University School of Medicine.

The REI-21 International School aims to provide prominent lectures to young researchers (graduate students, post-docs, junior assistant researchers…) on fundamentals of beam-solid interaction and techniques for the characterization of materials subjected to irradiation. Mid-carrier and matured researchers are also welcomed to join the school.

Schedule: September 3 (Sun), 2023
9:00 ~    : Registration
10:00-10:05 : Opening
10:05-11:35 : Lecture 1, Prof. W.J. Weber
11:35-13:00 : Lunch, Lunch box will be prepared.
13:00-14:30 : Lecture 2, Prof. P. Kluth
14:30-15:00 : Break
15:00-16:30 : Lecture 3, Prof. S. Matsumura
16:30-16:35 : Closing
17:30 ~   : Welcome Reception (only for the conference participants)
Place: The Centennial Hall of Kyushu University School of Medicine, Kyushu University (in-person mode only)
Fee: Free

Lecturers and lecture titles:

Prof. William J. Weber

(Professor emeritus, The University of Tennessee)

“Fundamentals of Radiation Effects in Insulators and Recent Progress on Radiation Effects Research”

Prof. Patrick Kluth

(Professor, The Australian National University)

“X-ray scattering for the study of swift heavy ion irradiation effects”

Prof. Syo Matsumura

(Professor emeritus, Kyushu University/President, National Institute of Technology, Kurume College)

“Electron Microscopy and Recent Progress in Radiation Effects Research”